Sundays Walk on Dartmoor

Wonderful freedom to meet with my daughter the first time since the day before lock down began Being able to drive to the destination felt like proper freedom and to enjoy the great outdoors in her company fantastic.

Being a total meanie I am not going to share the whereabouts of at 9.30 a.m. a very empty car park, when others were already full, although some of you may guess work out where it is from the pictures (one for you Iris) still only a total of 5 cars when we returned from the walk some hours later.

We maintained social distancing and anyone we did pass did the same, we could see some groups of in the distance who were not doing the same but we could easily avoid them. Louis being on a long lead is a bonus meant he and I could at least say a proper hello, so long as I don’t touch the harness I am told.

The pictures are self explanatory and all taken with an iPhone SE 2020 my Lockdown present from my lovely OH. Chairs at requisite distance and my own flask it’s a strange world right now.


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