Walk in Mid Devon

Although I am Shielding my husband, the one thing I do is walk, without that I think I might have gone a little bit mad by now. Not a lover of tarmac walking, for the moment I am grateful for a combination of that, plus fields tracks and green lanes, which are not tarmac. I often think of people who do not have this and are stuck in apartments in hot cities.

Not a lover of cows near entrances to fields I was able to bye pass them by walking on the tarmac roads which were for once a blessing, Oh to be braver, country I am but not 100%!! On the moor it’s fine I can do a detour round them without adding on mileage, I did once completely on my own, with just a small dog have to pluck up all my courage and walk past a Bull , he was laid down and too tired to be bothered by me, I told myself he must be docile if he is allowed out on the moor to fraternise and he was.

In my area I am discovering little villages that normally I would only see the sign for when passing in the car, as is the case in Devon there is often no where to park on tiny single track lanes so I don’t venture in to them. Yesterdays walk made me feel as if I was on holiday discovering pastures new.

So I hope that for those of you who do not have access to green space or live to far away to walk to one that you enjoy my 5 mile stroll around and about.

Not Well Walked
On the Way to Colebrooke
Bridge at Butsford Barton
Rainbow with a Difference
Church at Colebrooke

Will have to ignore the telephone cables, getting too hot to go for another angle!

Penstone Glade
In the Glade
Running by the Glade

You may realise if you follow my photos that I have a bit of a thing for quaint front doors!


I had a letter in my pocket that I never had time to post in Copplestone ,et voila parfait, yes postman still collects I hope!!

An Extension Possibly
Copplestone Allotment Apple Blossom

Unable to stop taking photographs with this amazing blue sky increasing the loveliness of it all.

Lilac Near Home

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