I have been struggling to achieve decent pictures as my garden seems to have a perpetual wind blowing through it, which just encourages the ground to dry out even more. Despite years of composting it still has fissures appearing all over the place, two very light showers over two days has not even touched it so I am having to selectively water plants, as I do not want to run out of rain water in the barrels.

Still coping with this confinement and just hoping that there will be a shift soon in what we can do soon, hubby and I started this two weeks before lock down in line with government advise, so it is now beginning to feel like a long time, exciting news for us is that we will get to drive into Exeter for him to have a routine 6 monthly scan, so at least he will have the drive there and back!

Papaver Cambricum/Meconopsis cambrica or Welsh Poppy
Geranium macrorrhizum

I have yet to try this in rhubarb crumble it tends to die down whilst my back is turned!

Nectaroscordum Siculum (Sicilian Honey Garlic)

Well I know which name I prefer!


I have some very different self sown seedlings this year only ever had the usual dark pink in the garden.

Now I am off to have a look at The Propagators blog and see what he and his contributors to the famous SOS have on today.


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