Six on Saturday 19/10/19

Well I have not spent much time in the garden over the last two weeks just a bit of cutting back the embankment borrowed Brambles in time to fill the brown bin. this year I have a new bug friendly strategy which means I am not cutting the herbaceous plants back unless they rot, I like the idea of less work just have to see if I can pu up with it, I am pretty sure I can. From memory I only have one more plant to move but you will know what that means I shall spot a few more!! So here are my six pop over and see The Propagators blog ……. always something happening over there


Penstemon , Rudbeckia, Schizostylis,white Japanese anemone, Verbena Bonariensis, Sedum, Erysimum Bowles Mauve all not minding being packed in together, wonderful for October.


Formed on top of an old gate, I am guessing that is a sunflower seed germinated from where I feed the little Robin, will put his picture up at end of this Blog.


Big bold and very reliable 15 years in France bought out as a tiny cutting by Aunt from Uk and then came home again as a tiny cutting with me 12 years ago.


Caught my eye so just a phone snap


The Himalayan honeysuckle, Himalaya flowering nutmeg or pheasant berry. Sun or shade always puts on a good show. In Ireland it grows on roadsides and in the woods. In the UK we are encouraging it as it is a wonderful bee and bird plant.


Talk about coming into it’s own, it has nearly filled the table, whatever do I pot it into next year, the corm was me enormous.


Here is said Robin so friendly I dare not walk around the garden without some feed in pocket or he will buzz my shoulder which means a very light touch of the wing on my cheek meaning ‘hello I am here feed me’ very demanding been around me since a juvenile, shared feed with the chickens, so maybe something had happened to the parent. Again a phone photo never have my camera at the right time.

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