I have been very absent from SOS of late so today this has priority, food is in the slow cooker, windows can wait etc. As usual we have had too much rain not as bad as elsewhere but a real nuisance. It’s been a busy couple of weeks deciding where to over winter pots of young plants and getting to grips with the bulbs in pots. As I write the sun has come out and I am resisting the urge and trying to put roots down into the floor so I stay put and finish and have something to contribute to this great page


This is what happens to a pot of bulbs when my back is turned!!


Two lumps of old fallen down Apple tree and a spare piece of boarding from raised bed repair a borrowed back wall from man shed et voila a winter resting place, note the Parahebe still flowering amazingly tough little plant.


If the label was in focus I could name this plant, if I unroot myself I will be off out in the garden and won’t come back!


Pruning out the Brambles which share space with the Railway Embankment garden released a yellow cloud of pollen which made me stop or I would be depriving the insects of their possible last supper before hibernation, good excuse to do something less prickly.


Quite possibly her last flower of the year,


They have a nice new rustic piece of oak to sit on, just wish I could find them some new hats paper mache ones didn’t quite work!


2 thoughts on “SIX ON SATURDAY 9/11/19

  1. A neighbour of ours gave us that purple leaved viola, labradorica if memory serves. 30 years ago and it still rankles. I seem to recall seeing Parahebe in the spoil from the glaciers round Aoraki/Mount Cook in New Zealand. It’d need to be tough.

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  2. It does self seed with a vengeance that’s for sure.
    I had never checked to see Parahebe’s origin so thank you.
    It isn’t listed as being able to withstand severe weather in my book and I believe the Victorians grew it as a house plant so maybe it has been an assumption. I looked at weather for Mount Cook today and it was a very chilly -7

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