Six on Saturday 26/9/19

What a wet week we continue to have, the one good thing is that I have done a lot of garden tidying up, putting away pots sorting out container plants etc. OH has helped me by making a plant shelf on legs to store the many cuttings and self sown seedlings that one finds so many of when tidying a bed, I do try to compost some but that’s always a hard one for me. A week of sometimes working through a light shower to running for cover inevitably to the conservatory where a cup of tea can be had, this is better than taking it outside where I cannot sit still long enough to finish the cup and end up with cold tea!

Now I do have a good reason for this SOS being late, late Saturday afternoon we had a series of very short power cuts, which means loss of Broadband and then it has to re load so I gave up. Hope Mr Propagator the chief of SOS will excuse me and you will have a look on at his SOS

PATRINIA Scabiosfolius

Why of why have I only had one flower for two consecutive years. Last year I forgave it as it was newly planted, this year I am not sure what the reason is but I am keeping my fingers crossed as this is supposed to be a short lived plant.


The very vibrant Aster tonga is like having a cup that cheers!!

SEDUM plus resting Dragonfly

Well it was in my garden, couldn’t resist and if I am honest have found it difficult to get Six plants to stand still long enough for a photo!!


Does anyone remember on one of my SOS the upside down Begonia, I was never convinced I would make that mistake and I was right, look at it now, so happy with the cooler weather and not minding the rain at all.


A very exuberant person helped me by removing the Ivy invading from the railway line and I thought the Clematis had gone with it. The poor lady struggles in this position but as I never planted her in the first place I sort of don’t mind if she does disappear. I profess not to like big and gaudy plants so how come I was over the moon when she rose from the dead and put out two of her enormous flowers!!!!

Bidens Heterophylla ‘Hanways lemon drop’

No one chastised me for only posting 5 pictures so here is the missing 6th. a very new plant to try out in an area where an old non flowering hebe has been dug out, it will have lots of verbena bonariensi to keep it company just for now.


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