Six on Saturday 14/9/19

Another week flown by in the garden and what a glorious one it has been, hope everyone has at least had time to sit and just admire their own gardens, I find it difficult to do as I am in the habit of spotting things to do.


Little beauty is flowering it’s socks off never spreads very much but then I keep dividing it to plant elsewhere in garden as I like it so much and so do the bees as you can see.


Membrane, chippings and a few paving slabs make for a safer entrance to the Pond area.


I think this is Rudbeckia Fulgida Deamii, the Penstemon pushing in is P. Garnet classed as a Crimson red.


Another beauty I love this for two reasons, it’s different to other penstemons and was given as a little cutting from a friend who grows it better than I do, however this year it has done much better in a pot and as it doesn’t grow very tall 24-28″ it is wind resistant.


It is the season of the Aster and don’t they shine. Perfect weather for this one right now it tends to get pretty droopy in the wet.


Well that’s the plan, so far only tickseed grows amongs the grass. First job has been to s to smother sectionsit with a green mulch, then rake it all off and cut the grass as short as possible then sowed yellow rattle, which should impoverish the grass. As you can see I get a lot of bits seeding themselves opposite like the fern. I have put in some tiny Hawkseed plants that grow all over the garden along with self seeded Linaria purpure (purple toadflax) hoping to add more as time goes on.

Well that’s my SOS hope you will have a look at The Propogators SOS there is a lot going on over there.


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