Six on Saturday 26/06/19

I was late getting my 6 in last week but I didn’t cheat and stuck to The Propagators rules. this week I am determined to make it on time…only 2 hours to go clock is ticking, note book open, pictures lined up, will I find all the names of course not my notes are very erratic to say the least, so here we go.

Geranium Pratense

It did come with a label as a named variety, I really need to get my book on geraniums out and identify it properly, it deserves that, such a fresh looking, happy go lucky plant, that seems to grow anywhere it is planted. Did get my book out and I think it is G. x oxanianum that will do for me.

Heuchera Disaster

This is the opposite, is this some sort of blight? I had it early in the year on just one plant and put it down to the weather even though I have never seen that happen before. Now here it is again and on several plants just random leaves. I have googled Heuchera diseases but found nothing. At the moment I am just removing and destroying the stricken leaves, I am a fairly organic gardener so don’t like to use sprays but I do wonder exactly what is this.?


This colourful St Johns Wort seeds itself in all the nooks and crannies it will grow in a scraping of soil achieving a height of at least 2ft plus. We once had a cat who’s party trick was to pull the berries of and spit them out, all the while waiting for the words of praise “what a clever pusscat you are” from kitten to an old lady of 14 she waited patiently for Autumn to be the ‘on stage’ again.

Elizabethan pink

The flowers really don’t look real but they are, she is reputed to be from around 1700’s . when I first identified this mystery pink that I was given I couldn’t see it on sale anywhere now it seems to be everywhere, it deserves a place in the halls of fame and seems to have achieved it.

Snap Dragon

No I am not going to use the latin name as a child I loved Snap Dragon still do this one is self sown seedling but comes true every year, the combination of deep red and the silver Stachys tick my boxes.

Bee Bar

Grown from a cutting taken when working in Uncles garden, can you identify it. An evergreen shrub that the bees adore. I have no idea how big it will get but as it is in the middle of a flower bed which will one day be just shrubs, I am hoping it can stay put.


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