Six on Sunday

I have missed the deadline for several Saturdays and have many excuses for doing so raining, too tired, too busy, no sun, wrong time of day, photo’s rubbish etc etc. At last I have got my act together and this is the best I can muster do you think Mr Propagator with his excellent Six on Saturday will allow me to get away with this??!!


I try to grow mostly bee friendly plants but this little Geranium took my fancy and has been allowed in. Sadly unamed, its very low growing so if anyone knows….

Geum ‘Lady Strathclyde

Even though this flower is starting to go over I find it quite interesting.


Bought this lovely Rock rose a long time ago in France named then as Ben Lewis which I know it isn’t. I must remember to take some cuttings this one has survived for the past 11 years so a real toughie.


Just a self sown seedling I think it should be called ‘Fancy pants’.


This is probably Parahebe Snowcap, flowers twice a year now and again later in summer, very hardy and easy to strike cuttings from.

Geranium Orientalitibeticum

Two for the price of one, another low growing geranium.


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