Six on Saturday 29/06/19

Here I am with my SOS it comes around so quickly I always think I am going to get ahead of the game but never really do at least I havn’t missed it all together but I will be keeping it short and sweet. I think ‘The Propagator’ over on his blog is very busy with all his unusual sown from seed plants, why not pop over and see his and others great blogs.

Rosa White Carpet
Salsify Seed head

Not totally perfect difficult to catch one at the right moment there they are then puff they are gone but this one has enough left to be shimmering in the late sun.

Campanula Persicifolia
Campanula Poscharskyana

Is this named correctly the leaves look different and lighter than online examples, breakfast reading tomorrow, no time now I feel like the mad hatter without the tea party.

Lavetera ‘Breden Springs”

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