Six on Saturday 25/5/19

The weather is lovely at present here in Devon so today’s six were easy to do, nothing challenging like rain or wind, just lovely sunlight. We do need rain though so I am hoping it will happen soon then I can take time out of the garden and have a look at ‘The Propagators’ and Grand master of SOS blog to see what is happening over there.

Veronica ‘Royal Candle’

I am not so sure this really is Royal Candle, it was sold to me as such but the online photos have it looking much darker. It is very much a ground cover plant the spires are about 12-14″ and much loved by bees. I have had it some years now and love the combination of dark flower heads with the light buds just about to open and then it pulls it’s shoulders back and stands straight whatever the weather.

Meconopsis cambrica

Self sows itself everywhere and anywhere always a surprise in store and it keeps going all summer long such a delight even when some plants look bedraggled or frizzled this little chap is forever happy.


I have never tried the eating the root as I cannot bring myself to deprive the bees of this ‘only open mornings’ bee cafe.

Persicaria bistorta superba

Grows alongside the pond, I can’t say the soil is damp but it seems happy and looks somewhat similar to wild orchids.


Just love this Allium such a space saving plant to grow will fit inbetween other plants so easily and fairly sparkles in the sunlight.

Rosa Laura ford

Laura flowers all summer long but as you can see I have the dreaded black spot on most of my roses. I only buy supposed resistant ones but it seems there is no escaping it. quite a compact plant in my garden only reaches 5-6ft and spread about 70cm, my age is showing I can do imperial and metric measurements!!


2 thoughts on “Six on Saturday 25/5/19

  1. You appear to have a lovely garden looking at the tantalising bits I see in these photos. Love the Veronica. I haven’t grown that as I thought it would be too tall for my windy garden, but yours doesn’t look so tall and it is a very pretty blue. I am impressed how well the Alliums cope with wind, despite their slender stems they don’t seem to move at all!

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  2. Your garden is full of wonderful things to, my Veronica is about 18″ I have it elsewhere in poorer or drier restricted areas and it grows shorter, even have one in a crammed mini pot garden and it pops up to about 4″. I agree totally about Alliums.

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