Six on Saturday 11th May 2019


Such a lovely deep shade of pink, always reliable, the pots stay out all winter and get no care or cover at all, so I am always amazed when this happens, I know they are alpines but our winters are such soggy ones, they do live in a mix of ordinary compost, sand and grit but I never feed so I can only think their nutrients must come from the rain, can you tell I don’t read up too much on plants, mostly these days I just follow my nose!!


I think there is a bit of a purple/mauve theme going on in the garden this week. Everything is looking so fresh and enjoying a drop of rain after a dry spell.


I probably started with one or two named varieties which have since disappeared, now days I have all sorts blown in with the wind and by of nature’s hybridization, A friend called it ‘the march of the granny’s bonnets and I couldn’t agree more, I have far more than is necessary but the bees are loving them.


This little beauty is now marching out of the flower bed and across the gravel, I think this will be a ‘remainer’!!


Could this be be ‘Butterfly blue’ I really don’t know my notebook just says mauve, not really a lot of help but I did look to see if I could name it properly and BB looks very likely!!


My very capable other half made this for me, the string is from a wrecked cat scratching post, holes were drilled in top and bottom cross bars and string threaded through. Suki the cat has a new post once if not twice a year just imagine what she would do to the furniture without! Whoops I digress, the timber he found in his man cave. The day after taking this picture,I came home to find he had patiently tied lengths of green string ready to tie plants into, when I said you have such patience, I would not have wanted to do that, he simply said “that’s why I did it” isn’t he lovely. Have you spotted the mystery use of the Red Nose day spongy thingmebob, I think it was meant to be a finger puppet, they ended up on my tomato canes one year!

Now I wonder what ‘The Propagator’ the founder of Six on Saturday is up to on his blog and all the other bloggers drawn into his wonderful web of sixes on Saturday, I hope you have a look too.


9 thoughts on “Six on Saturday 11th May 2019

  1. That Rhodohypoxis is adorable! Those flowers nearly look made of wax they are so perfect.
    I have only seen the red nose thingies that are just red balls, from my vantage point yours looks like an Angry Bird! Or, I’m looking at the wrong thing…
    Yes, it sounds like you have a lovely other half.

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    1. Your right wax like is the perfect description. Your right it does look angry son in law bought them to put on canes but they didn’t really look in keeping so one in the greenhouse to stop me banging my head when working is a compromise. Other half is 88 this year so I was amazed.


    1. Do have a go the pot is just a shallow plastic one and I roughly mix ordinary bagged compost, grit and sand and the a thin layer of grit I have it in another pot and it is just as reliable, pot is very near a south east facing wall. Good luck

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  2. Your tomato climbing frame looks great! How lovely to have a practical and helpful OH. The Rhodohypoxis are so pretty, I might have to look out for them for my butler sink.

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  3. They would look really lovely in a butler sink, these SOS do lead us to buy more plants, the online photo’s do them justice. maybe you will be posting a picture of your sink one day?


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