Six on Saturday 23/3/19

Tazetta Hoopoe

Not a bit phased by the wind and rain we had not one stem broken or keeled over, can’t live with the perfume indoors though.


Pop over to the original Six on Saturday started by Mr Propagator and tell him they they may grow on him!!

Me I love them to bits and so do the bees.

Magnolia Stellata

I just cannot bring myself to like this inherited plant, after the long wait for flowers it produces this untidy mess of flowers, please others tell me why you like it, as I feel quite guilty sometimes.

Vinca major Variegata

Shall we just call it Periwinkle, so much easier… this wonderfully beginners garden plant came to me as a tiny piece transported by my Aunt from UK over to France and 15 years later travelled back again with me.

Scilla mischtscenkoana

Another I don’t care about the weather plant that I intend to buy a lot more of for next year, never mind waiting to divide, I just can’t. What a mouthful of a name how do you pronounce that and is it the Persian Blue bell, that would be a much nicer name hey ho Scilla it will be but deserves better.

Epemedium x versicolour sulphureum

Leaves pretty tatty, flowers perfect, hope this spreads a bit more this year.


6 thoughts on “Six on Saturday 23/3/19

  1. I found your post interesting as many gardeners I know don’t like the amount of foliage muscari produce and don’t grow it for that reason but they love the magnolia. I have that magnolia. I like it’s small enough for my garden and the flowers are so delicate, much prefer them to the big goblets in the large magnolia and they don’t seem to get damaged by frost like the other do. As for epimediums, i have quite a few and I cut the leaves back as the flower stalks start to appear. It means you can see the flowers and then you get fresh leaves. I don’t do it for the Asian ones though as they will die!

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    1. I suppose it’s each to their own with us gardeners, to me its ragged to you delicate ‘Beauty in the eye of the beholder’.
      Thanks that’s a good tip re the Epimediums, I am going to look out for more it’s a lovely plant and not one I have grown before.


  2. The Magnolia stellata is new to me. Looks like a shrub. No matter how untidy, it has to be preferable to the Magnolia grandiflora native here in the Southeast of the US. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

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