Another week has shot by and I am going to have to re think my garden to make it less labour intensive. Is that really possible I ask myself, I like things the way they are, I am never totally on top of things but I just have to be out doors. Sitting around reading a book is not my style at all I am a doer, so if I end up sailing around the garden doped to the eyeballs in pain killers so be it, I shall be doing what I love, even if I do have the odd nap in a flower bed!! So here we go another 6 on Saturday inspired by Mr Propagator the originator of the Six on Saturday blog do have a look at his and be inspired to sow seed and strike cuttings.

Lambs Ears

A plant from my childhood and the Wool Carder bee just love it, watch carefully and you will see it chasing others off and protecting it’s source of food. My one problem with this is, when do I cut a flowering stem off ? the bees just never give up even when there are only a few tiny flowers left.

Green Alkanet

This same plant has lived on the edge of our privet hedge and cement path, in bone dry soil in full sun for the past 10years. It never self seeds and is said to like damp places!!

Geranium Phaem ”Lily Lovell’

You are probably realising by now that my garden is all about wildlife and in particular bees as this is another favourite of theirs and mine, it appears so early and flowers for a long time.



Already in the garden but pretty sure it is Victoria, last year was one of the poor ones so if the frost the other night hasn’t damaged the flowers and it doesn’t look like it we may be in for a good year.

Who Am I?

Given to me by a gardening friend in France, her brother had bought this over from Belgium. I have long since lost the name or never had it in the first place. I have almost lost the plant several times but always managed to salvage a tiny piece to root and it never lets me down. These days it spends it’s winters protected from wet and frost in a cold frame, where the leaves take on a lovely edging of dark pink which you can just see in the photo.


11 thoughts on “SIX ON SATURDAY 30/3/19

  1. That’s the thing about gardens: a casual wander around in the morning will help you discover a myriad tasks that need to be done and then the next day, more! A gardener’s work is never done, just as a garden is never completed!

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  2. I love to use plants to encourage wildlife into the garden. There is nothing better than going around and hearing the bees or seeing the butterflies and other insects. The Alkanet has such a beautiful blue flower but I am surprised it doesn’t self seed everywhere! As for the mystery plant it looks to me like some kind of Stonecrop succulent or possibly a Sedum. There are a lot of different varieties!

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    1. Would you believe I have just found two new Alkanet plants in the border, you must have wished them for me. Maybe it was the incredibly hot summer that encouraged them or the wind was in the right direction! I am pretty sure it isn’t a stonecrop it’s a very soft succulent quite leggy thank you will look at Sedums, bound to come across it someday.

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