Six on Saturday 3/3/19

CHIONODOXA -pink giant

I did not notice this lovely little group last year, maybe because they were hidden under a blanket of snow courtesy of the beast from the east. This year they are spreading their wings and becoming a larger more noticeable clump.

SALVIA -turkestanica alba mojito

This is exciting for me and I am sure other gardeners recognise the feeling success brings. these little toughies are from seed saved from a shop bought plant that never flourished. It managed to produce a few not so robust looking seeds, I wasn’t even sure they had matured enough but thought I would give it a go anyway and here they are. If I get 3 plants I will be over the moon.

Name this Plant

The name of this low growing ground cover shade loving plant has escaped me and is not leaping out from my note book. If memory serves me well it has small upright yellow flowers or they may be pink!! Google has been no help what so ever, maybe one of you reading this will recognize it and put me out my misery.

MIXED Tomato Seedlings

Roma always the best in my greenhouse. lidi a yellow cherry sized tom and Indigo Cherry drops are new to me. All of which are beginning to look a bit desperate for potting up, tomorrow tomorrow I promise.

LAMIUM Maculatum White Nancy

The tiny new leaves of my favorite lamium.


Surely this is flowering a little early but happy to see it the garden will soon be full of bees and bugs the pond too is perking up. Do have a look at The Propagator’s blog and see what’s been happening in his garden.


2 thoughts on “Six on Saturday 3/3/19

  1. I believe your mystery plant is epimedium. Google says it’s also known as barrenwort, bishop’s hat, fairy wings, horny goat weed, or yin yang huo, and is a genus of flowering plants in the family Berberidaceae.

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