Six On Saturday 5/9/20

A Mini Collection

Never had help in the garden before it’s amazing jobs are getting done making such a difference to garden and me I am much more relaxed but still working when I can fit some in.

New Shelf

Daughters visit produced this new arrangement, getting them off the ground and scattered about makes the mini gardens easier to tend and look at. My OH said I thought you were going to have less pots this year!!

Tomato Bloody Butcher

In the foreground is ‘Bloody Butcher” a heritage variety. I was given two plants and grew one in the greenhouse and one outdoors the greenhouse one has been the best. It produces all different sized fruits and these doubles were unusual, will grow this one again that’s for sure.

Getting Ready.

A redundant Hen Broody box Hubby transformed into a Hedgehog nesting box. the bggest Hedgehog we have around is obviously getting ready to hibernate the box is 13″ high and the straw etc is now piled to the top, do you think it will pull up the ramp when done. I think I feel like a thief when I very carefully and quietly lift the lid to view the progress.

Masses of Green Waste

Several weeks have been like this. The Brown bin only emptied once a fortnight can’t cope. Everything that can be filled is but my Garden magician has got on top of it. Now only the Pond area to reclaim then it is just general maintenance whoopee.


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