Six on Saturday 1st August 2020

Why is it whenever I get my camera out the wind starts to blow and I dash in and out of the house checking the results and finding they are just not in focus! So this week they are what they are and if you drop in and are a bit disapointed then take yourself of to The Propagator at where there are some wonderful contributions of flowers and flora .


It has no name but should I think be called ‘Sugar Pink’ (beginning of a rhyming poem there)

Bike Trellis

You can see how much exercise I have not done on my turbo trainer. OH says it’s a trellis for the Hypericum. A self heal is creeping around it’s wheel to add to the I can’t move it!!, I shan’t be getting on it either as it all looks rather pretty and who would want to disturb it anyway.

Persicaria Fat Domino

Had two plants but one has disappeared, I expect I shall discover it sulking away under some more rampant growers in autumn, as you can see in picture I can’t get in this border to look for it, maybe a flower will suddenly pop up I live in hopes.

Another Hollyhock

I do love them, especially as they are all self seeded and come from one apricot coloured plant, any variation is cause for excitement.

Jeans Honeysuckle

So named because it was given as a cutting by my husbands Aunt Jean, this year I decided to take some cuttings of it as you can never tell what may happen, I would hate to lose it having nurtured it for 11 years and only in the last two has it decided it will oblige me and reach the top of the arch.


Bit of cheating on the final picture, this caught my eye at Rosemoor, thought I would have to have it in my garden until I got up close and inhaled, my goodness what a pong put me off for life.


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