Six on Saturday

Hellebore Ellen
Rosemary so so early and frost just around the corner

Tiny Euphorbia which came with no label , just makes me smile, it positively glows with good health and I think is pretty indestructible.

Jasmine Nudiflorum

This little group of plants were bought for £1.00 from a church plant sale, a tray of tiny cuttings nobody else wanted. The idea for planting so many plants in one small container came from one of Copplestone’s ‘Station Friends’ who creates wonderful gardens in all sorts of containers and troughs, I am now addicted!

Cerinthe major ‘purpurascens’ still thinks it’s October!
Pulmonaria rubra ‘Redstart

Am I right is this Redstart, if so then it too is early, as is every single one of my 6. Now lets see if I can work out how to share this with The Propogator, I have a lot of learning to do and must learn to pay attention to detail.


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