Six on Saturday 19/10/19

Well I have not spent much time in the garden over the last two weeks just a bit of cutting back the embankment borrowed Brambles in time to fill the brown bin. this year I have a new bug friendly strategy which means I am not cutting the herbaceous plants back unless they rot, I like the idea of less work just have to see if I can pu up with it, I am pretty sure I can. From memory I only have one more plant to move but you will know what that means I shall spot a few more!! So here are my six pop over and see The Propagators blog ……. always something happening over there


Penstemon , Rudbeckia, Schizostylis,white Japanese anemone, Verbena Bonariensis, Sedum, Erysimum Bowles Mauve all not minding being packed in together, wonderful for October.


Formed on top of an old gate, I am guessing that is a sunflower seed germinated from where I feed the little Robin, will put his picture up at end of this Blog.


Big bold and very reliable 15 years in France bought out as a tiny cutting by Aunt from Uk and then came home again as a tiny cutting with me 12 years ago.


Caught my eye so just a phone snap


The Himalayan honeysuckle, Himalaya flowering nutmeg or pheasant berry. Sun or shade always puts on a good show. In Ireland it grows on roadsides and in the woods. In the UK we are encouraging it as it is a wonderful bee and bird plant.


Talk about coming into it’s own, it has nearly filled the table, whatever do I pot it into next year, the corm was me enormous.


Here is said Robin so friendly I dare not walk around the garden without some feed in pocket or he will buzz my shoulder which means a very light touch of the wing on my cheek meaning ‘hello I am here feed me’ very demanding been around me since a juvenile, shared feed with the chickens, so maybe something had happened to the parent. Again a phone photo never have my camera at the right time.

Six on Saturday 26/9/19

What a wet week we continue to have, the one good thing is that I have done a lot of garden tidying up, putting away pots sorting out container plants etc. OH has helped me by making a plant shelf on legs to store the many cuttings and self sown seedlings that one finds so many of when tidying a bed, I do try to compost some but that’s always a hard one for me. A week of sometimes working through a light shower to running for cover inevitably to the conservatory where a cup of tea can be had, this is better than taking it outside where I cannot sit still long enough to finish the cup and end up with cold tea!

Now I do have a good reason for this SOS being late, late Saturday afternoon we had a series of very short power cuts, which means loss of Broadband and then it has to re load so I gave up. Hope Mr Propagator the chief of SOS will excuse me and you will have a look on at his SOS

PATRINIA Scabiosfolius

Why of why have I only had one flower for two consecutive years. Last year I forgave it as it was newly planted, this year I am not sure what the reason is but I am keeping my fingers crossed as this is supposed to be a short lived plant.


The very vibrant Aster tonga is like having a cup that cheers!!

SEDUM plus resting Dragonfly

Well it was in my garden, couldn’t resist and if I am honest have found it difficult to get Six plants to stand still long enough for a photo!!


Does anyone remember on one of my SOS the upside down Begonia, I was never convinced I would make that mistake and I was right, look at it now, so happy with the cooler weather and not minding the rain at all.


A very exuberant person helped me by removing the Ivy invading from the railway line and I thought the Clematis had gone with it. The poor lady struggles in this position but as I never planted her in the first place I sort of don’t mind if she does disappear. I profess not to like big and gaudy plants so how come I was over the moon when she rose from the dead and put out two of her enormous flowers!!!!

Bidens Heterophylla ‘Hanways lemon drop’

No one chastised me for only posting 5 pictures so here is the missing 6th. a very new plant to try out in an area where an old non flowering hebe has been dug out, it will have lots of verbena bonariensi to keep it company just for now.

Six on Saturday 14/9/19

Another week flown by in the garden and what a glorious one it has been, hope everyone has at least had time to sit and just admire their own gardens, I find it difficult to do as I am in the habit of spotting things to do.


Little beauty is flowering it’s socks off never spreads very much but then I keep dividing it to plant elsewhere in garden as I like it so much and so do the bees as you can see.


Membrane, chippings and a few paving slabs make for a safer entrance to the Pond area.


I think this is Rudbeckia Fulgida Deamii, the Penstemon pushing in is P. Garnet classed as a Crimson red.


Another beauty I love this for two reasons, it’s different to other penstemons and was given as a little cutting from a friend who grows it better than I do, however this year it has done much better in a pot and as it doesn’t grow very tall 24-28″ it is wind resistant.


It is the season of the Aster and don’t they shine. Perfect weather for this one right now it tends to get pretty droopy in the wet.


Well that’s the plan, so far only tickseed grows amongs the grass. First job has been to s to smother sectionsit with a green mulch, then rake it all off and cut the grass as short as possible then sowed yellow rattle, which should impoverish the grass. As you can see I get a lot of bits seeding themselves opposite like the fern. I have put in some tiny Hawkseed plants that grow all over the garden along with self seeded Linaria purpure (purple toadflax) hoping to add more as time goes on.

Well that’s my SOS hope you will have a look at The Propogators SOS there is a lot going on over there.

Six on Saturday 31/8/19

At last here I am once more and rather envious of all the Propagators hard work in his garden, if I knew how to get a link on here to his Blog I would add it in. I just seem to be chasing my tail along very large slugs that the Hedgehogs decline to eat and I am not surprised! However I have managed to fill our brown bin before each due date with some of ‘ the not wanted in my compost bins” waste. So without further comment here are my SOS.


Much loved by the bees and me for it’s sweet smell.


Why blackberries, well they are not mine but they are in my garden. I have about 15metres if not more hanging over the 5ft fence almost to the ground, they grow on the embankment and invite themselves in much to my delight and my neigbours and daughter who of course get a share.

Indigo cherry drops

Bizarrely this tomato starts of really black then as in the one fruit at top of the truss turns red as it ripens, I wasn’t expecting that.

Rosa Laura Ford

Lovely rose, normally flowers all summer but is now looking very sad and sorry for herself, I think these will be the last two blooms until next year when I hope she recovers . I do try to stay as bee butterfly friendly as I can so am a great fan of single roses so Harlequin is coming out to be replaced by a plant that will thrive on neglect, which may be evening primrose I am starting to think of the moths at night now.

Allium senescens subspecies.glaucum

Thank you friend who kept the label of her plant whilst I misplaced mine. A plant that is native to Siberia & Mongolia so it should survive whatever the weather. Neat and low growing at the moment. Waited for ages to open its buds which formed ages ago, suddenly it’s getting going but only one or two flowers for the moment, still the bee is happy.

Alnus incata

I expect I have shown this in a previous SOS but then it has something to offer all through the year. My husbands uncle thought we were mad doing a 60 mile round trip to Teignmouth but he soon came to enjoy sitting under it’s shade and laughing about it. It was a decent size sapling reduced by 50% to just £15 in 2009 a real snip and I only wanted one more tree, a very understanding husband made this possible and a trailer.

Six on Saturday Saturday

What a start to the day OH fainted behind the bathroom door, worse case scenario for me . Thankfully ambulance men managed to squidge themselves into the very small space, they had come from Axminster to rescue him in Devon, seems we don’t have enough ambulances to go round either. Anyway all is well that ends well and he is snoozing the afternoon away.

May I suggest to all you who venture onto this Blog to pop over to The Propagators blog where hopefully there are no mishaps.


From a previous SOS I said it might have more to offer, still not falling in love with it though. Excuse the washing on line it just shows I do make some time in between gardening.

Upside down Begonia!!

Is it? it’s certainly late and looks very strange, bet I am not alone in this one but the first time in a long gardening history!! Spot the pot yet another gardener who just cannot resist the sale table.

Unknown Snapdragon

Beautiful colour and lasts a long time but very disappointed that no Bumble bees have been able to gain entrance, time to resurrect the old varieties I think!

Pelargonium Apple Blossom Rose bud

Just loves the heat and turns the colour up, it really is this colour no photo shop here.

Sidalcea ‘Elsie Heugh’

Commonly known as the prairie Mallow bought two last year ,only one has grown, the other is just stuck, they were both moved closer to front of border where I have been able to spot them and water! I thought they didn’t mind dry soil but it seems not.

Variegated Sage

The colour is so fresh and the texture of leaf makes this a stand out plant for me,

Our Station Garden in July

Today I am blogging on our Station Garden, initially created in 2014, the garden has grown and matured and this year for the 3rd time in it’s history has come first in the Tarka Station Garden competition.

Myself and six other volunteers alongside our own gardens, keep it looking pretty good, passengers and train crews enjoy seeing it and give us every encouragement to continue doing just this. The garden is primarily Bee, Butterfly & eco friendly with rain water caught from an adjacent building. Yesterday a couple stepped of the train headed for the garden outdoor bench to eat their sandwiches before catching the train on to wherever, such a simple lovely thing to do and keeps me smiling , even when lugging cans of water around.

So to keep it simple I will just title the pictures and you too can take a stroll around.

Bird Bath & Rosa Rhapsody in Blue
Dead Hedge & Nasturtium
Looking South
Enormous Hebe
Herb Planter
Persicaria & Salvia Hot Lips
Lavetera & Bug /Hedgehog Home
Yellow Loosestrife (looking North)
Hip High Planters
Planters Row
Butterfly and Bee friendly
Right Hand side of Bench
Geranium in full flower
Miniature Gardens
Waiting for the Train

Six on Saturday 13/7/19

Houttuynia cordata

I do love this little plant, it hides itself away for winter and then slowly pops up all over the place in late spring. It isn’t difficult to pull the runners out from the middle of other plants but I do think it is best grown in a pot for me anyway.

Orange Hawkweed

Another of those love it or hate it so called weeds or flowers in the wrong place. I love that it seeds itself into my somewhat rustic railway sleepers. such a happy vibrant coloured plant, which is actually protected in some alpine regions. I don’t find it difficult to control but have to be ruthless and pull it out from where it isn’t wanted, just wish it would sow itself on the bit of rough grass adjacent to flower border, obviously not a habitat it enjoys.

Crocosmia Lucifer

Well I would just love to hear your ideas about this weird picture of mine, a dragon or some sort of blood sucking vampire creature with very funny feet?! It just had to have a place in the line up for The Propogators SOS blog where I for one will be popping over to soon and see whats been happening in his and numerous other gardens.

Salvia sclarea var. turkestinaca alba mojito

Another strange plant and no matter where I moved the pot to I never seemed to get a good photo, this is the best of many as despite a cluttered background it does show this unusual Salvia in it’s true light. Sadly they are slug grub so growing them from seed has been a bit of a nightmare. Been kept in large pots and are growing well but tall and spindly, I don’t think they will become a favourite of mine, it seems to have a strange growth pattern so maybe there is more to come!!

Sempervivum (common house leek)

Sempervivum’s just simply get on with it, flower and stop. A few moments of fleeting glory and always a winner with me.

Sedum Spurium Fuldaglut

Utterly lovely all shiny and glowing just like me in this heat!!