Six on Saturday 25/5/19

The weather is lovely at present here in Devon so today’s six were easy to do, nothing challenging like rain or wind, just lovely sunlight. We do need rain though so I am hoping it will happen soon then I can take time out of the garden and have a look at ‘The Propagators’ and Grand master of SOS blog to see what is happening over there.

Veronica ‘Royal Candle’

I am not so sure this really is Royal Candle, it was sold to me as such but the online photos have it looking much darker. It is very much a ground cover plant the spires are about 12-14″ and much loved by bees. I have had it some years now and love the combination of dark flower heads with the light buds just about to open and then it pulls it’s shoulders back and stands straight whatever the weather.

Meconopsis cambrica

Self sows itself everywhere and anywhere always a surprise in store and it keeps going all summer long such a delight even when some plants look bedraggled or frizzled this little chap is forever happy.


I have never tried the eating the root as I cannot bring myself to deprive the bees of this ‘only open mornings’ bee cafe.

Persicaria bistorta superba

Grows alongside the pond, I can’t say the soil is damp but it seems happy and looks somewhat similar to wild orchids.


Just love this Allium such a space saving plant to grow will fit inbetween other plants so easily and fairly sparkles in the sunlight.

Rosa Laura ford

Laura flowers all summer long but as you can see I have the dreaded black spot on most of my roses. I only buy supposed resistant ones but it seems there is no escaping it. quite a compact plant in my garden only reaches 5-6ft and spread about 70cm, my age is showing I can do imperial and metric measurements!!


Six on Saturday 11th May 2019


Such a lovely deep shade of pink, always reliable, the pots stay out all winter and get no care or cover at all, so I am always amazed when this happens, I know they are alpines but our winters are such soggy ones, they do live in a mix of ordinary compost, sand and grit but I never feed so I can only think their nutrients must come from the rain, can you tell I don’t read up too much on plants, mostly these days I just follow my nose!!


I think there is a bit of a purple/mauve theme going on in the garden this week. Everything is looking so fresh and enjoying a drop of rain after a dry spell.


I probably started with one or two named varieties which have since disappeared, now days I have all sorts blown in with the wind and by of nature’s hybridization, A friend called it ‘the march of the granny’s bonnets and I couldn’t agree more, I have far more than is necessary but the bees are loving them.


This little beauty is now marching out of the flower bed and across the gravel, I think this will be a ‘remainer’!!


Could this be be ‘Butterfly blue’ I really don’t know my notebook just says mauve, not really a lot of help but I did look to see if I could name it properly and BB looks very likely!!


My very capable other half made this for me, the string is from a wrecked cat scratching post, holes were drilled in top and bottom cross bars and string threaded through. Suki the cat has a new post once if not twice a year just imagine what she would do to the furniture without! Whoops I digress, the timber he found in his man cave. The day after taking this picture,I came home to find he had patiently tied lengths of green string ready to tie plants into, when I said you have such patience, I would not have wanted to do that, he simply said “that’s why I did it” isn’t he lovely. Have you spotted the mystery use of the Red Nose day spongy thingmebob, I think it was meant to be a finger puppet, they ended up on my tomato canes one year!

Now I wonder what ‘The Propagator’ the founder of Six on Saturday is up to on his blog and all the other bloggers drawn into his wonderful web of sixes on Saturday, I hope you have a look too.

Six On Saturday 27/4/19


It has been so windy out today, not easy to get the plants to stand still but I have managed a Six on Saturday, alas not posted until Sunday ever so slightly late. When you have had a gander why not drop in on The Propagator and if someone can explain to me how I get a link to Mr’ P’s blog I would be very appreciative!! You will also find some interesting and lovely photos from all those he has tempted into this addicitive habit.


Well the label said ‘starts flowering in June’ excuse me but it is only April isn’t it! still only one flower for the moment hopefully they will not all come early.

ERYSIMUM Constant Cheer

It is just that cheerful and totally reliable, seems to go through and end of winter phase looking like it is not long for this world and then suddenly it cheers up.

AURICULA Old Mustard

I love this garden auricula, when the daffodils have gone, it just starts showing off. Garden auricula’s are not everyone’s choice but they remain top of my list.


I should be able to think of a better name for these creations of mine but I just can’t. so this dish has two recognisable plants a tiny variegated leafed Ajuga reptens Burgundy glow, although why burgundy comes into it escapes me. Second is a self sown primula you may also spot a weed. I shall have to do some reading to find the tiny RED LEAFED geranium and the rest, as all the labels have been washed clean, so much for a waterproof pen. A new system may emerge, find the name number the pot and write in my records book, which really needs a re write far to many crossed out names indicating if it was a non survivor of my erratic gardening or killed by weather etc!

p.s. now 3 named Erodium ‘Reichardi White’ one to go!

CORYLUS Te-Terra Red

Hazel was planted in 2009 and is about 15ft so reaching it’s limit, it seems to be purely decorative, the nuts are very decorative but empty. It has been home to a very large caterpillar who’s name escapes me and nearly stripped it bare when it was a juvenile, a hard to spot culprit as it looked like a twig and suspended itself between two small stems, it was of course allowed to live and the tree survived.

Six on Saturday 13/4/19

Here we are my 6 for this Saturday, sunshine and a cold wind but good gardening weather…it’s dry hooray. Do please pop over to Mr Propagators Six on Saturday he has some lovely tulips shining away.

Garden Auricula

I just love these plants whatever the weather does they never let me down. No named varieties I just collect them from various plant stalls fetes fairs etc when I see one I am not growing I just have to have it as they don’t appear very often.

Geum coccineum ‘Koi’

Described as a Dwarf plant 10 x 10″ yes I am old enough to still work in inches but then so do the growers!! It flowered all last summer despite the heat and drought conditions.

Yellow Archangel

This comes closest to Lamium galeobdolon ‘Hermans Pride’ in my research but the leaf is not as variegated so perhaps it is a poorer relation, whatever it is I am happy to have it.

Berberis thunbergii ‘Orange Rocket’

A lovely column of colour which fitted into my garden perfectly. In spring this wonderful splash of red which label calls orange!, very tiny yellow flowers in summer followed by red berries . I think it has reached it has now reached it’s maximum height of 4ft.

Paeonia ‘bowl of beautyPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

So happy to see this shooting up as I stood on it last year and broke half of it off consequently it had only one flower, maybe I will get two this year, fingers crossed. this is a plant I wanted for years when I did get one it never flowered and died in a hard winter or did I stand on that one as well!!


Probably ‘Spectabile’ but right now it is pretending to be the jewel in the crown, not rained but just Devon mist collected overnight, you can see why this plant is such a survivor.


Another week has shot by and I am going to have to re think my garden to make it less labour intensive. Is that really possible I ask myself, I like things the way they are, I am never totally on top of things but I just have to be out doors. Sitting around reading a book is not my style at all I am a doer, so if I end up sailing around the garden doped to the eyeballs in pain killers so be it, I shall be doing what I love, even if I do have the odd nap in a flower bed!! So here we go another 6 on Saturday inspired by Mr Propagator the originator of the Six on Saturday blog do have a look at his and be inspired to sow seed and strike cuttings.

Lambs Ears

A plant from my childhood and the Wool Carder bee just love it, watch carefully and you will see it chasing others off and protecting it’s source of food. My one problem with this is, when do I cut a flowering stem off ? the bees just never give up even when there are only a few tiny flowers left.

Green Alkanet

This same plant has lived on the edge of our privet hedge and cement path, in bone dry soil in full sun for the past 10years. It never self seeds and is said to like damp places!!

Geranium Phaem ”Lily Lovell’

You are probably realising by now that my garden is all about wildlife and in particular bees as this is another favourite of theirs and mine, it appears so early and flowers for a long time.



Already in the garden but pretty sure it is Victoria, last year was one of the poor ones so if the frost the other night hasn’t damaged the flowers and it doesn’t look like it we may be in for a good year.

Who Am I?

Given to me by a gardening friend in France, her brother had bought this over from Belgium. I have long since lost the name or never had it in the first place. I have almost lost the plant several times but always managed to salvage a tiny piece to root and it never lets me down. These days it spends it’s winters protected from wet and frost in a cold frame, where the leaves take on a lovely edging of dark pink which you can just see in the photo.

Six on Saturday 23/3/19

Tazetta Hoopoe

Not a bit phased by the wind and rain we had not one stem broken or keeled over, can’t live with the perfume indoors though.


Pop over to the original Six on Saturday started by Mr Propagator and tell him they they may grow on him!!

Me I love them to bits and so do the bees.

Magnolia Stellata

I just cannot bring myself to like this inherited plant, after the long wait for flowers it produces this untidy mess of flowers, please others tell me why you like it, as I feel quite guilty sometimes.

Vinca major Variegata

Shall we just call it Periwinkle, so much easier… this wonderfully beginners garden plant came to me as a tiny piece transported by my Aunt from UK over to France and 15 years later travelled back again with me.

Scilla mischtscenkoana

Another I don’t care about the weather plant that I intend to buy a lot more of for next year, never mind waiting to divide, I just can’t. What a mouthful of a name how do you pronounce that and is it the Persian Blue bell, that would be a much nicer name hey ho Scilla it will be but deserves better.

Epemedium x versicolour sulphureum

Leaves pretty tatty, flowers perfect, hope this spreads a bit more this year.

Six on Saturday 3/3/19

CHIONODOXA -pink giant

I did not notice this lovely little group last year, maybe because they were hidden under a blanket of snow courtesy of the beast from the east. This year they are spreading their wings and becoming a larger more noticeable clump.

SALVIA -turkestanica alba mojito

This is exciting for me and I am sure other gardeners recognise the feeling success brings. these little toughies are from seed saved from a shop bought plant that never flourished. It managed to produce a few not so robust looking seeds, I wasn’t even sure they had matured enough but thought I would give it a go anyway and here they are. If I get 3 plants I will be over the moon.

Name this Plant

The name of this low growing ground cover shade loving plant has escaped me and is not leaping out from my note book. If memory serves me well it has small upright yellow flowers or they may be pink!! Google has been no help what so ever, maybe one of you reading this will recognize it and put me out my misery.

MIXED Tomato Seedlings

Roma always the best in my greenhouse. lidi a yellow cherry sized tom and Indigo Cherry drops are new to me. All of which are beginning to look a bit desperate for potting up, tomorrow tomorrow I promise.

LAMIUM Maculatum White Nancy

The tiny new leaves of my favorite lamium.


Surely this is flowering a little early but happy to see it the garden will soon be full of bees and bugs the pond too is perking up. Do have a look at The Propagator’s blog and see what’s been happening in his garden.