June into July

Just some photos from the last two weeks, the inevitable empty calendar says a lot as hubby is still shielding so I am not resuming normal activities.

Much as I would like to see my dentist she won’t see me, not unless I am in pain and of course I am not, so a loss of a crown is just bad timing.

A day out to visit my daughter was a great excursion, nice to take time to wander around her garden and enjoy a lunch in same.

I enjoyed a walk from home out and around fields and lanes with three friends, it really felt pretty to have all the varied conversation so long since we could do that.

In six days time I will be visiting my hairdresser a real cause for celebration.

I tripped and fell in the garden and not a soft landing but fortunately nothing broken, just bruised, so on light duties for a couple of days only I hope. When will I learn to pick my foot up as I turn!! I wonder, it’s either that or take out all the paving slabs by greenhouse and elsewhere!!!


Pelargonium Apple blossom rosebud last so long in a vase it is the one flower I feel no qualms about cutting as I am not depriving any little creatures, it grows in my porch and has little to offer wee beasties.


I think newly emerged, not sure which one it is as very pale and not in my book. Always a treat to see something like this.


Along one field there were hundreds of thistles, another was a sea of cow parsley but the wind was blowing up on the top so this was my best offering.

So fortunate to have this on our doorstep, rural living might have a few downsides but this year it really is the best place to be for me.


Sadly not in my garden but when I finish writing this I shall go look for some seed, never bored when you garden or love photography.


This is her greeting, sopping wet but must have a toe rub first.

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