Another week flown by, I think all you folks reading this must think and where does it go? All I know is it has gone but today I have time to put up my SOS not without any difficulty. Yesterday I needed one more photos but when the Monsoon arrived I was trapped in the greenhouse and little chance of getting any plant to stand still long enough for a photograph. So all I could do when there was a slowing down of the wave after wave of wonderful ‘proper’ rain was grab a quick shot of the pond now beautifully brim full. So when you have duly perused my efforts drop over to the have a gander at our hosts blog at

Where you will find some wonderful contributions from his many followers.


These are spreading year on year and filling me with joy everytime I walk past the greenhouse, I have no doubt I will see the Humming Bird Hawk Moth soon.

PAEONY ‘Bowl of Beauty’

My daughter said it look like silk


The Japanese blood grass having being rescued from the ground where it was not at all happy, is now thriving in it’s new home. It likes a good drink but I never stand it in water rightly or wrongly. It doesn’t seem to enjoy these weather variations we keep having or maybe it is my soil, so I think I will overwinter it in a cold frame this year.


I love everything about this plant even though it raises my gardening anxiety when all the other roses around have leaves, this one looks like it has died. Luckily I bought my daughter one as well and as she is a better rose grower than me she always reminds me, it always comes late, I may remember that next year!

ERYSIUM ‘Bowles Mauve

I think this picture is more about this ‘Small Tortoishell’ butterfly than the perenial wallflower that it is feeding on. have you noticed how most pictures are of pink flowers well the next one isn’t.


Everything that has been living in just the mud must be breathing a sigh of relief, as I am having full rain barrels once again, wonderful to see the garden being watered properly and seeing everything jump up for joy, it’s certainly what the veg patch has been waiting for.


5 thoughts on “SIX ON SATURDAY 13th June

  1. I also grow imperata cylindrica ‘Red Baron’ but mine are in the ground and half the size of yours right now. I will have to take a look at them because it seems that they tend to spread. Very pretty rose and the same for this wonderful peonies

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  2. I could succumb to an Imperata to grow in a pot should I see one in the near future. I’ve failed with it in the ground in the past but yours makes a lovely pot plant and it can be put where it’s needed.

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  3. i bought 5 small ‘red baron’ plants last year, 4 of them got swamped by other plants and didn’t make it. the one i have left is nice, but i wish i had more of them. serves me right for ignoring planting distances….

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