It’s been a busy few weeks but at last time and a gap in the showers to pop out and take enough photos to get a reasonable SOS. It’s a lovely time of year seeing the shrubs beginning to put out leaves and herbaceous plants showing signs of life. The Primulas are so reliable even if they are somewhat ruined by the weather they have a lot of colour and cheer me.

I suppose I should be out there now but I was keen to see The Propagators blog and the latest photos from his many fellow Sixes devotees, so here we go then.


It’s very first flower of the year.


It grows in nothing large gravel and whatever has washed down between the mebrane and gravel alongside our parking place and footpath, it is gradually extending it’s range and I am happy to let it as last year I had a mass of very small totally black bees feasting on the flowers, crossing my fingers I get to see the same this year and possibly identify them.


Or something like that, bought years ago at a car boot for pennies. they were by the pond but moved them in Autum they now make a footpath in for dead heading. You can’t have a glass of wine or two if you intend to navigate these!!


I have no idea at the moment if this is all one plant, or three different coloured flowers or is it a clump of seedlings, all will no doubt be revealed when they stop flowering and I can disturb them for a proper look.


Isn’t nature great it does a better job than I can. Primrose, Foxglove, Forget me not and the pretty little spreading Ivy leafed toadflax always finds it’s way in.

Lamium Maculatum

Love the fresh leaves it has obviously sown itself in to close to a Lambs ear, not spotted until it put out a couple of flowers, I had better rescue it not many of these left in the Hens garden as they like to scoff them, maybe it has learnt to camouflage itself!


11 thoughts on “SIX ON SATURDAY 14/3/20

  1. Love the footprints. Your self seeding garden comes up w/some wonderful combos there. That primula conglomerate is quite attractive. If you think of it, let us know what you discover once you separate them.

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    1. I have found them very picky, every time I have sowed seed they have not survived after 2″growth. this year I put sand and gravel in the compost and now have 6 x 4″ to pass onto a friend. Good luck


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