Unlike our host for SOS The Propagator I have been very idle garden wise, apart from walking through it to feed the chickens, I do very little but then my plan was to leave everything until spring. All very well but I am finding it harder to resist snipping of the dead stuff as bulbs, Hellabores and new green growth start to take center stage. I wonder how long I will hold out for, well certainly won’t be out there tomorrow, with the high winds forecast. There is peace of mind now that I will not find any slates lying around after the storm as we have a brand new roof above us now. sorting the pots out and putting the gravel to rights after this main event should be high priority but it can wait until I am in the mood. However I did manage a SOS and here they are.


Probably the common one and so nice to see.

Hellabore Double Ellen pink

Usually she rots of in all our damp but this year for some reason she has shrugged it off and is a mass of blooms. See what I mean folks about the twiggy bits, maybe they make her stand out more?


Not one that holds it’s head up there is a bit of a cheat by way of a stick, anyone else have a knack to share?


Which came first the Hellabore or the Buddlia neither appear to be in the centre of the pot!!

No Prizes

No prizes for my daffodils this year someone has been having a good munch on them, I wouldn’t mind but the garden is full of birds maybe I should starve them then they would eat the culprits.

Pulmonaria (Lungwort)

These little chaps always lift me up, reliable in whatever the weather has to throw at them apart from the odd rotted or frosted leaf they are true survivors.


5 thoughts on “SIX ON SATURDAY 8/02

  1. Your Double Ellen Pink looks like quite a mature plant – it’s a beautiful Hellebore, (my sister also has it) and I’m sorely tempted to get that – or the white…or yellow. Spoilt for choice! 😀

    Sorry your daffs have been munched. Something’s munch 10 of my wallflowers – leaving only stems. I know how you feel!

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