Six on Saturday 31/8/19

At last here I am once more and rather envious of all the Propagators hard work in his garden, if I knew how to get a link on here to his Blog I would add it in. I just seem to be chasing my tail along very large slugs that the Hedgehogs decline to eat and I am not surprised! However I have managed to fill our brown bin before each due date with some of ‘ the not wanted in my compost bins” waste. So without further comment here are my SOS.


Much loved by the bees and me for it’s sweet smell.


Why blackberries, well they are not mine but they are in my garden. I have about 15metres if not more hanging over the 5ft fence almost to the ground, they grow on the embankment and invite themselves in much to my delight and my neigbours and daughter who of course get a share.

Indigo cherry drops

Bizarrely this tomato starts of really black then as in the one fruit at top of the truss turns red as it ripens, I wasn’t expecting that.

Rosa Laura Ford

Lovely rose, normally flowers all summer but is now looking very sad and sorry for herself, I think these will be the last two blooms until next year when I hope she recovers . I do try to stay as bee butterfly friendly as I can so am a great fan of single roses so Harlequin is coming out to be replaced by a plant that will thrive on neglect, which may be evening primrose I am starting to think of the moths at night now.

Allium senescens subspecies.glaucum

Thank you friend who kept the label of her plant whilst I misplaced mine. A plant that is native to Siberia & Mongolia so it should survive whatever the weather. Neat and low growing at the moment. Waited for ages to open its buds which formed ages ago, suddenly it’s getting going but only one or two flowers for the moment, still the bee is happy.

Alnus incata

I expect I have shown this in a previous SOS but then it has something to offer all through the year. My husbands uncle thought we were mad doing a 60 mile round trip to Teignmouth but he soon came to enjoy sitting under it’s shade and laughing about it. It was a decent size sapling reduced by 50% to just £15 in 2009 a real snip and I only wanted one more tree, a very understanding husband made this possible and a trailer.


2 thoughts on “Six on Saturday 31/8/19

  1. Great blog pretty rose. The TOMS look amazing I have so many. Going to roast some in halogen today with garlic and onion add some herbs and blitz to make sauce then freeze. John doesn’t like it particularly so I have it on pasta when he has something else!,

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