Six on Saturday Saturday

What a start to the day OH fainted behind the bathroom door, worse case scenario for me . Thankfully ambulance men managed to squidge themselves into the very small space, they had come from Axminster to rescue him in Devon, seems we don’t have enough ambulances to go round either. Anyway all is well that ends well and he is snoozing the afternoon away.

May I suggest to all you who venture onto this Blog to pop over to The Propagators blog where hopefully there are no mishaps.


From a previous SOS I said it might have more to offer, still not falling in love with it though. Excuse the washing on line it just shows I do make some time in between gardening.

Upside down Begonia!!

Is it? it’s certainly late and looks very strange, bet I am not alone in this one but the first time in a long gardening history!! Spot the pot yet another gardener who just cannot resist the sale table.

Unknown Snapdragon

Beautiful colour and lasts a long time but very disappointed that no Bumble bees have been able to gain entrance, time to resurrect the old varieties I think!

Pelargonium Apple Blossom Rose bud

Just loves the heat and turns the colour up, it really is this colour no photo shop here.

Sidalcea ‘Elsie Heugh’

Commonly known as the prairie Mallow bought two last year ,only one has grown, the other is just stuck, they were both moved closer to front of border where I have been able to spot them and water! I thought they didn’t mind dry soil but it seems not.

Variegated Sage

The colour is so fresh and the texture of leaf makes this a stand out plant for me,


7 thoughts on “Six on Saturday Saturday

  1. I quite like that salvia. What type is it? Those begonias certainly are trying their best to break the surface. The snapdragon & geranium have great, vivid colours, but the mallow is the one that steals the show for me. Great Six. Hope your OH is doing better. What a shock for both of you!


  2. All I know of the Salvia is that it has that long winded name Salvia Turkestina alba mojito.
    I feel like I have been really cruel to the begonia hopefully it will get there in the end, rain today may help. I too love that mallow it just has something about it. OH seems fine now thank you, no explanation for it at all, I never even had emergency services stay on the line, the woman said she had to go as they had another emergency I felt totally abandoned.


  3. Yikes that’s a bit of a scare in the morning! Low blood pressure? Diabetes? I hope he is seeing his GP to try and find out the cause. Love the Geranium Apple Blossom Rose bud – though being a pedant it really should be called Pelargonium – I haven’t got that one, it may have to be added to the collection next year 🙂

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    1. Hey Jude I am a great fan of both and been growing them for years and years, so glad you noticed my slip of the brain cogs.
      OH is on Cardiology’s radar with an arrythmia and yes could have been low blood pressure, they never really know the cause.

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