Our Station Garden in July

Today I am blogging on our Station Garden, initially created in 2014, the garden has grown and matured and this year for the 3rd time in it’s history has come first in the Tarka Station Garden competition.

Myself and six other volunteers alongside our own gardens, keep it looking pretty good, passengers and train crews enjoy seeing it and give us every encouragement to continue doing just this. The garden is primarily Bee, Butterfly & eco friendly with rain water caught from an adjacent building. Yesterday a couple stepped of the train headed for the garden outdoor bench to eat their sandwiches before catching the train on to wherever, such a simple lovely thing to do and keeps me smiling , even when lugging cans of water around.

So to keep it simple I will just title the pictures and you too can take a stroll around.

Bird Bath & Rosa Rhapsody in Blue
Dead Hedge & Nasturtium
Looking South
Enormous Hebe
Herb Planter
Persicaria & Salvia Hot Lips
Lavetera & Bug /Hedgehog Home
Yellow Loosestrife (looking North)
Hip High Planters
Planters Row
Butterfly and Bee friendly
Right Hand side of Bench
Geranium in full flower
Miniature Gardens
Waiting for the Train

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