Six on Saturday 13/7/19

Houttuynia cordata

I do love this little plant, it hides itself away for winter and then slowly pops up all over the place in late spring. It isn’t difficult to pull the runners out from the middle of other plants but I do think it is best grown in a pot for me anyway.

Orange Hawkweed

Another of those love it or hate it so called weeds or flowers in the wrong place. I love that it seeds itself into my somewhat rustic railway sleepers. such a happy vibrant coloured plant, which is actually protected in some alpine regions. I don’t find it difficult to control but have to be ruthless and pull it out from where it isn’t wanted, just wish it would sow itself on the bit of rough grass adjacent to flower border, obviously not a habitat it enjoys.

Crocosmia Lucifer

Well I would just love to hear your ideas about this weird picture of mine, a dragon or some sort of blood sucking vampire creature with very funny feet?! It just had to have a place in the line up for The Propogators SOS blog where I for one will be popping over to soon and see whats been happening in his and numerous other gardens.

Salvia sclarea var. turkestinaca alba mojito

Another strange plant and no matter where I moved the pot to I never seemed to get a good photo, this is the best of many as despite a cluttered background it does show this unusual Salvia in it’s true light. Sadly they are slug grub so growing them from seed has been a bit of a nightmare. Been kept in large pots and are growing well but tall and spindly, I don’t think they will become a favourite of mine, it seems to have a strange growth pattern so maybe there is more to come!!

Sempervivum (common house leek)

Sempervivum’s just simply get on with it, flower and stop. A few moments of fleeting glory and always a winner with me.

Sedum Spurium Fuldaglut

Utterly lovely all shiny and glowing just like me in this heat!!


2 thoughts on “Six on Saturday 13/7/19

    1. On Saturday someone told me it is edible, I went to look last night and it has died, could not believe it must be lack of water.
      Mine could only wander in it’s pot, like you it was a nuisance in the garden.


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