Six On Saturday 27/4/19


It has been so windy out today, not easy to get the plants to stand still but I have managed a Six on Saturday, alas not posted until Sunday ever so slightly late. When you have had a gander why not drop in on The Propagator and if someone can explain to me how I get a link to Mr’ P’s blog I would be very appreciative!! You will also find some interesting and lovely photos from all those he has tempted into this addicitive habit.


Well the label said ‘starts flowering in June’ excuse me but it is only April isn’t it! still only one flower for the moment hopefully they will not all come early.

ERYSIMUM Constant Cheer

It is just that cheerful and totally reliable, seems to go through and end of winter phase looking like it is not long for this world and then suddenly it cheers up.

AURICULA Old Mustard

I love this garden auricula, when the daffodils have gone, it just starts showing off. Garden auricula’s are not everyone’s choice but they remain top of my list.


I should be able to think of a better name for these creations of mine but I just can’t. so this dish has two recognisable plants a tiny variegated leafed Ajuga reptens Burgundy glow, although why burgundy comes into it escapes me. Second is a self sown primula you may also spot a weed. I shall have to do some reading to find the tiny RED LEAFED geranium and the rest, as all the labels have been washed clean, so much for a waterproof pen. A new system may emerge, find the name number the pot and write in my records book, which really needs a re write far to many crossed out names indicating if it was a non survivor of my erratic gardening or killed by weather etc!

p.s. now 3 named Erodium ‘Reichardi White’ one to go!

CORYLUS Te-Terra Red

Hazel was planted in 2009 and is about 15ft so reaching it’s limit, it seems to be purely decorative, the nuts are very decorative but empty. It has been home to a very large caterpillar who’s name escapes me and nearly stripped it bare when it was a juvenile, a hard to spot culprit as it looked like a twig and suspended itself between two small stems, it was of course allowed to live and the tree survived.


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