Six On Saturday 2/2/19

Alnus Incana (Grey Alder

My favourite tree stands in the middle of the lawn and has something to offer at all times of the year so there will definitly be more pictures during the year.

Beech fagus sylvatica

Gives a nice bit of warm colour in the hens garden.

Ceonothus thyrsiflorus var repens

The very next day it was completely blanketed in snow, the last time this happened it killed the mother plant, I left it alone for over a year and lived in hope. then one day two 2″ shoots appeared this is the surviving plant which took forever to grow to this size. so fingers crossed.

Ancient Hoe

I have no idea where I acquired this probably inherited and sadly broken again. It is only 2″ across and just perfect for getting up close to base of plants. I need repair point or replacement has anyone come across similar, I have looked and they are all much bigger or weirder in design.!!

Hebe Mrs Winder

Pretty in the snow

Sunrise on the Greenhouse

The trees on the left grow on the embankment the rest is garden.The Greenhouse is currently not owned by me but my hens who use it as another shelter and a very good dust bath I do have a polycarbonate cold frame in there which houses a few plants that don’t like the wet and rain. You can tell I am not a fussy gardener everything has to take it’s chance. That’s my 6 on Saturday done and all in honour of ‘The Propogator”


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