Six On Saturday 26/1/19

Daphne bholua Spring Beauty

Such healthy root stock on my Daphne Bholua thisis a present from my garden club friends and as you will see in the next photo seems quite happy in it’s new home.


Hope Mr Propogator the instigator of 6 on Saturday doesn’t think this is cheating with a two for one plant.

Daphne ?

Given to me as a 4″ high cutting then at a foot high I accidentally stood on it and snapped it nearly in two. Made a mud castle round the broken stem and crossed my fingers 2 yrs later it is about 2ft high and has come into bud for the first time, so excited and hoping I can give it a name could it be Peg Leg?

Perce – Neige

Or snowdrop in English but I love the French description of piercing the snow and they do little toughies.

Common Laurel

I have never seen so many flower buds on the Laurel, which grows on the embankment and helps to shelter my garden from the nasty north wind.

Primula Wanda

A real favorite of mine tiny cheerful flowers, in two of my favorite colours a little damaged by the weather. Mr Propogator on his blog may have his eyes on all the tiny seedlings round about but he stands no chance, they will soon be potted up and stashed.


7 thoughts on “Six On Saturday 26/1/19

  1. Mr Propagator isn’t the only one with eyes on your Wanda seedlings. As far as I know mine have never self sown and I’ve never thought to look for seed to collect. Do they come true or do you get different colours?

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    1. Hi yes they do come true, I love them as they are easy to spot . They are growing in not very good soil and quite shaded in summer, maybe that accounts for self seeding. I get other self seeded colours of primulas in that bed as I have quite a few of the bog standard bedders


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